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Romeo’s Pizza Thriving and Weathering the Storm of COVID-19

MEDINA, Ohio – (November 2020) – Romeo’s Pizza, How has Romeo’s Pizza weathered this time?

The brand was built with a franchise first approach, product integrity/differentiation and to positively impact our environment and COVID-19 did not change us, but it has made us better.

“The pandemic forced a change in consumer behavior and the pizza industry has been a beneficiary of this shift. We have learned to become more proactive than reactive in all phases of our business operations. We are operating as a unified team with improved communication and enhanced trust. As a team we engage in healthy conflict and are committed to our mission and vision through a culture of accountability”, said Ryan Rose, CEO.

During the pandemic, the company has opened five new locations and has laid out an aggressive expansion plan to reach 250 units within the next five years. In addition, Romeo’s Pizza has recently signed several Area Development deals that include:

A 40-unit deal in Nigeria
A 30-unit deal in Northeast, Ohio

In negotiations/discovery phase within multiple states

Adapting to the pandemic:

With Romeo’s significant growth during the pandemic, it has accelerated our choice and purpose to give back. Our goal is to become the best community partner within the markets we operate. A good example of this is our partnership with the Ohio Restaurant Association who established a Restaurant Employee Relief Fund to assist with displaced employees.

What kind of lasting changes will you adapt moving into 2021?

The power of being a cohesive team.

“Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare” —Patrick Lencioni.

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About Romeo’s Pizza
Founded in 2001 in Medina, Ohio, Romeo’s Pizza is an award-winning, food-first, pizza community. With 44 open locations and counting, the growing international franchise delivers handcrafted excellence through our local pizza champions.

Romeo’s Pizza delivers purpose-driven, handcrafted excellence through our team of local pizza champions. We believe pizza is always the answer. We deliver sweet smiles, one slice at a time. We will positively impact our communities and environment through our Pizza with a Purpose initiative. This initiative supports local, national and worldwide organizations that believe in making a positive impact on people and our planet.

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